For over two decades, the ACUVUE® brand, under Johnson & Johnson Vision umbrella, has committed itself to advancing vision care worldwide. Since revolutionizing the market in 1988 by introducing the first soft disposable contact lenses, ACUVUE® has continuously pursued innovation and excellence in quality. This dedication has made ACUVUE® lenses the most widely worn contact lenses globally.

The Brief

ACUVUE®’s commitment is to make vision care accessible and affordable, while constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve sight for people across the globe. In Malaysia, Rebelphase is tasked with executing an integrated campaign aimed at educating Malaysians on the benefits of wearing contact lenses, encouraging those who typically wear glasses to consider trying contact lenses.

The Work

Research indicates that Malaysians’ preferred leisure activity is traveling, with a significant emphasis on appearing flawless in every photograph taken during their journeys. Capitalizing on this insight, Rebelphase spearheaded the National Eye Health Awareness (NEHA) Campaign in collaboration with ACUVUE® and the Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO), ingeniously merging the themes of travel and contact lens use in an engaging on-ground event with the theme of “Seeing Without Limitation”.

Employing gamification techniques, the event featured a studio-set photo booth designed to demonstrate the benefits of wearing contact lenses. Here, participants could experience the convenience and aesthetic appeal of being spectacle-free and enjoy an unobstructed field of vision without the limitation of spectacle frames. At end of everyday, Rebelphase will upload all event photos to ACUVUE®’s Facebook, so consumers can tag themselves.


During the NEHA campaign event, over 10,000 individuals were reached on-ground through high-effective engagement , significantly increasing the recognition of ACUVUE® contact lenses among the target audience. Additionally, participants concurred that contact lenses offer convenience for everyday activities and travel. Until today, ACUVUE® remains one of the most preferred contact lens brand in Malaysia.

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3x Sales

Increase in 2020
compared to 11.11 Lazada 2019


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For entire Lazada Malaysia
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