Brand Discipline

Rebelphase’s unique Brand Strategy and Design System help businesses with tailor-made branding and communication frameworks. This enables targeted work efforts for precise optimisation to achieve desired awareness, sales result and fulfilment engagement for the best consumer experience.

Discovery Brief

In-depth discovery session for rational and emotional understanding of the brand or company.

Brand Accessment

Evaluation & analysis of the brand and market for neutral realisation to plan for corrective strategies.

Market & Data analysis

Quantity & quality oriented research for brief to in-depth understanding of the consumer and market.


Strategy direction to determine brand objectives and results.

Creative Directive

Define the blueprint of the brand’s creative approach and communication to meet goals & objectives of the campaign.


Creative execution through physical visuals and media that represents the brand equity with consistency and ingenuity.

Content creation & Marketing

Creative content marketing encompassing all medias to tell the story and set the voice, tone & manner of the brand.

Media Channeling

How, when, where to deliver the branding efforts to reach to the target audience to achieve desired reach, engagements, conversions, and ROI.

Social Media & Boosting

Drive traffic, build awareness, generate leads, and convey brand values to the fans, choose the right voice at the right platform to leverage on the impact of social media.

Marketplace Commerce

Build an engaging community through loyal customer base to significantly enhance brand credibility, exposure, awareness, which leads to successful and sustainable conversion.

Performance Reporting

Evaluate performance of strategies for effective communication and constant improvement.

Sales Retargeting

Sales conversion strategy to ensure long-term customer engagement, retention, and repeat purchases.

Rebelphase strongly believe in achieving results through performance branding. We take pride in meticulously crafting every step only after in-depth understanding about the brand and business. Bespoke result-oriented brand solution, that’s who we are.

Our Framework Mantra

We transform Brands and help raise their presence in an over-saturated communication landscape. Our successful collaborations stem from these fundamental frameworks.
Solve Problems
We help improve processes, products, and systems, creating value that encourages business growth.
Be Different From Competitors

We uncover opportunities to position offerings in ways that competitors, would never have thought possible. 

The Joy of Using

We build brand love to ensure a joyful experience, creating delight, amazement, wonder or awe for the products & services. 

Make Consumers Feel Proud

Our approach helps build a relationship that consists of loyalty, honesty, reliability, longevity and commitment. 

Create Desires Not Needs

By creating desire and tapping into consumers’ emotions, we help in connecting brands with their values, linked to the desired lifestyle. 

You only need to find your brand purpose, to grow your brand from the inside to the outside. Keeping everyone focused on this singular goal, you’re creating strong culture from the inside and perception to the outside. Your brand will go timeless with endless possibilities.
Cindy Chong

Head of Brand Marketing

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