Since 1888, four generations of the Hilker family have aspired to produce premium and technologically advanced mattresses to the world. Founded by Ernst Hilker I, the legacy of Hilker started from a furniture business that manufactures first-class designer pieces in Detmold, Germany

The Brief

Widely recognised in its home country of Germany, Hilker is one of the world’s leader in the mattress industry that utilised latest sleep technology and premium materials to provide the most luxurious sleep to the world. However, this name is not well-aware by the younger generation, who turned to be the competitors’ customers. Rebelphase’s mission is very straightforward, which is to find Hilker’s ultimate penetration point, and shout it out loud to the world through a global website and thematic & tactical artwork.

The Work

Rebelphase has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the mattress industry. Young generation with high spending power is attracted to the brand offer and unique specs of a mattress brand, instead of the heritage elements that Hilker was using. Emphasising on German’s technology advancement, the brand concept of “The Meister of Sleep Engineering” is introduced. Concept of “Sleep Engineered to Lead German’s Innovation since 1888” is also adapted into the thematic & tactical artwork as a highlight showcase in this project.

In order to ensure that Hilker’s global website reflects its unique identity, communication, and values, a website is built from scratch. Rebelphase take an integrated approach to develop a comprehensive strategy for the website, encompassing elements such as UI/UX, design, and content. Customised brand materials, including 3D videos and 3D images are also developed to establish a strong and consistent brand presence across all touchpoints.


This holistic approach enhanced and strengthen Hilker Global’s brand image. All marketing materials such as thematic & tactical artwork, website, videos, images, and 3D materials are used by Hilker’s principal and distributors internationally.

Consistent brand presence in every country using the same thematic ad
Global website’s holistic approach helped Hilker create a compelling digital experience for distributors and customers, reinforcing their reputation as a leader in the luxury mattress market
Tactical ad is adapted to different usage, based on the requirements of client
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