Elken is a direct selling company that specializes in wellness and beauty products. It was founded in 1995 in Malaysia and has since expanded its operations to various countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines.

The Brief

Elken Spirulina, positioned as the hero product, primarily targeted health-conscious mothers aged between 21-45. However, the challenge lay in reaching out to this specific audience that had been disconnected for an extended period. Additionally, while being one of the oldest spirulina brands in the market, Elken Spirulina lacked strong and up-to-date evidence/facts as convincing support.

Rebelphase embarked on a mission to promote the exceptional benefits of Elken Spirulina to health-conscious Malay and Chinese mothers. The campaign aimed to educate users on the product’s features and benefits, leveraging a modern approach to reconnect with a target audience that had been disconnected for some time.

The Work

Rebelphase devised a multi-faceted approach to tackle the challenge effectively:
  1. Relevant Content and Platforms: By leveraging relevant content and platforms, Rebelphase aimed to drive reach and awareness among the target audience. This included the creation of key visuals, monthly social media posts, video assets, and a dedicated microsite.
  2. Engaging Education: Rebelphase implemented a modern and engaging approach to educate the audience on the benefits and features of Elken Spirulina. This was accomplished through informative content delivered in a captivating manner.
  3. Social Ad Buy: To maximize the campaign’s impact, Rebelphase executed a strategic social media ad buy on Facebook and Instagram, ensuring the message reached the intended audience effectively.


Rebelphase’s strategic and engaging campaign for Elken Spirulina effectively promoted the product’s benefits to a targeted audience of health-conscious mothers. By leveraging relevant content, platforms, and modern education techniques, Rebelphase successfully reconnected with the target audience, achieving remarkable reach, website visits, and social media impressions.
The key visual for the Elken Spirulina Campaign boldly captures the thematic message of "1 supplement, 60 nutrients." The visual features a vibrant and dynamic design that showcases the power and abundance of nutrients packed into Elken Spirulina.
Dedicated microsite to serve as a hub of information and engagement for the target audience. The microsite was designed to provide a seamless and immersive user experience, offering comprehensive details about the benefits, features, and usage of Elken Spirulina.
The campaign leveraged popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to maximize reach, engagement, and brand awareness.
The campaign leveraged popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to maximize reach, engagement, and brand awareness.
The product video was designed to capture attention, evoke emotions, and provide a visually engaging overview of the product.
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These testimonial videos aimed to provide authentic and relatable stories that resonated with the target audience of health-conscious mothers
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The festive video aimed to convey a sense of celebration, wellness, and togetherness while highlighting the benefits of Elken Spirulina.
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Rebelphase really understood our brand essence and Brand Assessment exercise, we are able to take it further to the next level. Their unique brand-to-business penetration strategy has made NeckPro’s online and offline go-to market very successful.
Amy Chong

CEO, Spring Pharma

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