OzPro Set to Pioneer Pet Food Therapy in Indonesia with RawFeast to Redefine Pet Nutrition

Human-grade ingredients in pet nutrition is increasingly taking the centre stage in Asia-Pacific (APAC), with the rise of pet ownership and more informed owners who are willing to spend more.

NutraIngredients-Asia recently covered NZ-based Nectar of the dogs that is using human grade ingredients for its pet supplements.

In addition, OzPro’s Cindy Chong is similarly seeing a nutritional gap for pet food in Malaysia. It recently launched the Rawfeast range – made up of its single-protein booster series and holistic series.

Nutrition therapy

The range claims to contain “human grade raw lean meat, organs, edible bones, fibers, essential vitamins and minerals.” The boosters are served as meal toppers to fulfil different nutritional needs, ranging from eye health, skin health, musculoskeletal, digestion, immunity, joint mobility and more.

Pet food therapy is using natural ingredient and enhancing existing meals with vitamins and minerals. As we introduce this pet food therapy concept in the pet market, we also do our product training and educate the consumers that prevention is better than cure.”

Rawfeast also prides itself on its freeze-dried technology that helps to retain nutrients better.

Freeze-dried is very common in human foods, but not much available for pet foods. Nutrition-wise, we know that cats and dogs thrive better with raw meat as it’s better for digestion.

“It’s also very convenient for pet owners. I used to feed raw food to my pet, and it takes up a big space in my freezer. It does not need to be in the freezer and still retains all the moisture and nutrients.”

Pet owner’s woes driving NPD

Pet owner-turned-cofounder said there was a lack of transparency in ingredients sourcing, and this led OzPro to specialise in “clean and affordable” human-grade pet food with traceable ingredients.

It partnered with an experienced pet food manufacturer from China, which allowed it to secure the main food safety standards with US FDA and China Quality Certification and produce at a cost-competitive rate.

Additionally, they enjoy a good working relationship which enables “continuity and sustainability of improving the products,” whereby the Chinese manufacturer was able to accede to OzPro’s requests pertaining the product formulations.

When it launched Rawfeast a few months back, it claimed to be a sold-out in the pets’ category on e-commerce.

It is eyeing at supplements next to complement the series. Chong said that a dual approach – considering both pet owners’ lifestyles and their pets’ needs – is needed for its NPD strategy.

First of all, it is important to consider the busyness and the budget constraints of pet owners. Only then their pets can enjoy our products. As pet owners ourselves, we want something that is very convenient, fast, and easy to use.”

Focus on offline distribution

Founded in 2019, OzPro started distributing on its website and Lazada while Malaysia was still in lockdown, and only entered brick-and-mortar pet stores and premium supermarket Redtick in 2022.

Chong said that most of its revenue growth come from offline channels, and is therefore looking to expand on that front within Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

Pet expos and bazaars are a draw for pet owners as well: “The trend is that more and more people are tuned to offline purchase, as they like to feel, touch, and bring their pets to try the products. Pet stores and bazaars is also an opportunity for bonding time between pet owners and pets.”

Source: NutraIngredients Asia

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