OzPro Set to Pioneer Pet Food Therapy in Indonesia with RawFeast to Redefine Pet Nutrition

PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA, May 25, 2023/ EINPresswire.com / — OzPro, a premium pet food brand, is poised to revolutionise pet nutrition in Indonesia with the introduction of pet food therapy. As part of this groundbreaking initiative, OzPro proudly presents RawFeast, a premium range of freeze-dried raw meat products crafted using human-grade and traceable ingredients. With two distinct ranges, Booster and Holistic, OzPro aims to provide pet owners with a new paradigm in pet nutrition.

OzPro’s RawFeast range offers pet owners a unique approach to feeding their beloved cats and dogs. The Booster range comprises 11 different flavours, each featuring freeze-dried raw meat without any added preservatives or additives. These pure meat options provide diverse nutritional profiles, ensuring pets receive a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals. Recognising that different meats offer varying nutritional values, OzPro aims to cater to pets’ specific dietary requirements.

Complementing the Booster range, OzPro’s Holistic range consists of three different flavours. These meticulously formulated recipes include a blend of ingredients carefully selected to provide complete and balanced nutrition for cats and dogs. Pet owners can rest assured that their furry companions are receiving essential nutrients in every meal. OzPro’s team of experts firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. Drawing upon their in-depth knowledge of the energetics of food ingredients, they introduce food therapy using the RawFeast range. Customising and personalising the pet’s food, OzPro aims to restore balance, replenish, and soothe pets from the inside out. This holistic approach utilises whole foods to address the pet’s body needs, promoting healing and disease prevention. Understanding of different pure meats offer unique nutritional values of vitamins and minerals, allows OzPro to recommend specific meats based on pets’ individual conditions.

OzPro is committed to expanding the concept of food therapy throughout Indonesia. “Our goal is to offer pet owners the knowledge and resources they need to understand the critical importance of pet nutrition. We hope more people become aware that food is medicine. With the right food, you can witness positive effects on your pets’ health. Since pets can’t communicate their needs verbally, it is essential to take all precautions before it’s too late. Often, we become aware of health problems only when symptoms have become severe.” says Cindy Chong, Marketing Manager of OzPro. OzPro pioneers pet food therapy in Indonesia with the aim to empower pet owners to make informed choices about their pets’ nutrition. By prioritising their well-being, their pets live healthier, longer, and happier lives.

About OzPro:
OzPro is a premium pet food brand founded by passionate pet lovers who recognised the need for high-quality food made with human-grade ingredients. Every OzPro product is professionally crafted with wholesome goodness, free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. OzPro is committed to providing the best possible nutrition, with premium Kibbles formulated to meet AAFCO nutritional standards and RawFeast Series controlled with human-grade ingredients for strict biosecurity. OzPro’s dedication to pet health and nutrition drives every product formulation to meet the nutritional needs of carnivores while ensuring convenience in everyday feeding, and receiving the essential nutrients pets need to live healthy and happy lives.


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