Rebelphase Culture

Our company name Rebelphase tends to trigger negative impressions of disobedient people who don’t follow rules.

Truth is, that’s just a stereotype. Rebelphase actually means you are stepping out of your comfort zone, to be REBELlious towards your current PHASE to be a better you.

Rebels, we are so much more than that, but what’s really in Rebelphase? Here are some things for you to learn about us.


Rebelphase is invested in the employees’ growth and development. We believe that bringing a person’s “whole self” to work can inspire creativity and can help shape the value of innovation and execution in the company.

We emphasise the importance to foster communication among the members of our team, this gives collaborations and discussions the leeway to flow freely within our workplace.

Warm and Friendly Environment

Don’t we all agree that work is better when you enjoy the company of your colleagues?

We focus not just on people’s skill sets or competencies, but also on the soft skills that are more interpersonal in nature.

In Rebelphase, we develop meaningful bonds with our fellow coworkers. Be it from exchanging ideas and personal opinions to showing empathy and concern for everyone’s well-being as people. It is at this level that we can cultivate the development of a consistent culture of caring and support.


It is so common to see companies doing something on a regular basis but they don’t have the foggiest idea of ‘why’ they are doing it. It is usually a case of “…I don’t know, this is how we always do it.”

By focusing on providing a purpose-driven work experience, we are all enabled and empowered to contribute to Rebelphase’s vision. Creating a foundation in which work can improve life and life can improve work sets the groundwork for a legacy of forwarding thinking and positive changes to happen.


Perks of being in a team-driven organization, we have the desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We are all invested in our work because it speaks to our interests.

We seek to grow the capacity of our leaders, beyond the competency or the skill set. Providing comprehensive care around all aspects of a person, allows our leaders to get to know the people as they are, and be interested in knowing them as people, letting them know we care about their overall well-being, not just their production output.

People who are nurtured this way can flourish, creating a healthy environment for growth.


Rebelphase values the foundational idea that when employees bring their unique capabilities together to work collectively, they can produce higher quality work overall.

Our work atmosphere here focuses on maximizing employees’ distinct skill sets and competencies through teamwork. With this, we create opportunities for team members to consistently work together toward common goals.

We are All Animal Lovers

Lastly, being a pet-friendly office with 9 cats and 1 super duper-friendly dog, everyone here loves and enjoyed these furry and fluffy companions.
Many people know that pets enrich our lives, but can they also enrich the environment of the business office too.

Studies suggest that having pets in the workplace reduces stress by over 11 per cent. The animals can also increase productivity and teamwork by bringing coworkers together.

Side note: Distraction from Loki (le golden retriever) will definitely give you some laughs or heartwarming moments when you are overwhelmed with projects and meetings.

Final thoughts

Anyone who has worked in an organisation with a toxic or negative culture will know that it is not a pleasant experience. Regardless of the product or service delivered, all businesses need people to maintain operations. As such, people are the most important assets of organisations, hence it is essential for people to enjoy the workplace for them to develop a sense of loyalty and belonging towards it.

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