Brand Assessment - Reveal “INSIDE OUT”
The Secret to Quantify Brand Value

In the current business landscape, it is becoming increasingly obvious that brand generates value for the company. Brand value is generated by a series of multi-dimensional assets which interact in a complex way: loyalty, awareness, perceived quality, and identity. One of the main problems for a company while developing a brand strategy is how to quantify this value.

Brand Assessment provides an opportunity to evaluate the strength of your brand, to underscore the value of your brand with customers, and to reposition the brand to the right path. Take a step back to get a more holistic view of  your brand performance and gain more insights that contributes to the improvement of strategies that can quantify the brand value.

There’s no one size fits all kind of strategy

Every brand has different strengths & weaknesses, cultures & brand personalities, positionings, and target audiences. To tailormade the best strategy for your brand, evaluations of the brand are done from internal to external perspectives. Through the exercise, gaps and missing links between the brand and its customers’ perception & expectation will be identified precisely from a neutral point of view.

Internal Audit

Rebelphase strongly believes that brand belief is nurtured internally. As part of an internal evaluations we:

  • review existing target audience and market research, including surveys about customer satisfaction
  • engage with key management and employees across multiple levels of the organization
  • gather perceptions of the brand from internal staffs
  • explore the competitive spirit of the company, and
  • evaluate existing marketing strategies, marketing & branding materials, media and communications

External Brand Assessment

The basic idea behind an external audit is to assess the marketing effectiveness. Largely, an external audit shall include a thorough check of the following Brand Elements:

  • Corporate Identity – logo and other brand elements
  • Brand collaterals – brochures, print materials, trade show displays, etc.
  • Past advertising efforts
  • Website and SEO
  • Social Media post and engagements
  • Sponsorship/civic-involvement/memberships
  • Content Marketing and other assets – blogs, white papers, case studies, articles, books, etc.
  • Assessments of competitors’ advertising campaigns, their official press release documents or industry review etc.

Ultimately, the whole process is like a health check for your organization that provides insights about how well your brand is performing.

An audit is an unbiased, objective-oriented review of a brand’s strengths and weaknesses. It also reveals additional revenue opportunities and help organization leaders in make budgeting decisions. Final findings from the brand assessment will provide clear direction to the company with the goal to increase profit and create a better experience for the end consumers.

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